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What will happen to your assets once you pass away? Have you set the appropriate plans in place to allow your spouse, children, grandchildren and other loved ones to receive their inheritance with as few problems as possible? These are questions that you need to ask yourself when thinking about the future of your estate. By doing the right kind of estate planning, you and your loved ones can obtain a much greater level of asset protection.

Our Sunnyvale estate planning lawyer at the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry has the skills that are needed to ensure that all aspects of our clients' estate plans meet their needs and expectations.

There are various components to estate plans. One of the major components that we advise each client to create is the will. By creating a well-drafted will, you can legally document which assets and property should be left to which beneficiaries. Upon receiving the help of a skilled estate planning attorney, you can make the estate administration process go much more smoothly for the loved ones you will eventually leave behind.

Having a clearly written will can help prevent your loved ones from having to spend more time and money than necessary in the probate process, of the process of validating and executing the will through probate court.

Assistance with Many Areas of Estate Planning

In addition working with wills and estate administration, our law firm is also able to handle many other aspects of estate planning. We can help you set up a revocable living trust, which can be a more flexible way of having assets transferred to your loved ones after you pass away. This type of trust gives the grantor the freedom to make certain changes to the trust during his or her lifetime. Were you named the trust's executor or the trustee? If so, our law firm can guide you through the trust administration process.

Another area to consider is whether your wishes will be met if you ever get to a point where you cannot make your own decisions, such as if you become incapacitated. By setting up an advance health care directive, you can create a legal document that states your wishes for future medical treatment and resuscitation. By setting up powers of attorney, you choose a person who will make important decisions on your behalf.

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The Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry provides legal services to individuals throughout Sunnyvale, California. Sunnyvale, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area, is one of the Silicon Valley's major cities. The city is specifically known for being a hub for hi-tech companies. Sunnyvale has more than 145,000 residents and more than 8,000 businesses, according to its website. The average household income in Sunnyvale is $74,000.

Are you looking for a Sunnyvale estate planning lawyer who can help you plan ahead in the most efficient manner? If so, then contact the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry. We can provide you with a free case evaluation!

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