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Morgan Hill Estate Planning Attorney

Need help planning for the future of your estate?

While we cannot predict the future, we can at least carry our due diligence to prepare for it as much as possible. Through estate planning, people can make legal arrangements for how they want their estates to be handled once they pass away. This is very important for people who want to ensure that their loved ones are able to benefit from the assets that will be left behind in their estates. Estate planning should never be done without the assistance of a trained legal professional. By turning to our law firm, the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry, you can work with Morgan Hill estate planning lawyer who is dedicating to protecting his clients' best interests.

At our law firm, we are committed to providing the individuals we serve with highly personalized estate plans. Our legal team is fully capable of ensuring that each part of the client's estate plan will actually serve his or needs and expectations. For every client we work with, we ask that he or she establishes a will (with our assistance) so that the estate can be distributed in the smoothest way possible in the future. In addition to documenting who should receive what, wills can also be used to set up guardianships for any minor children or other dependents who may need guardians.

Handling Various Types of Estate Planning Matters

In addition to providing assistance for writing wills, our law firm also helps those who are going through the process of settling the estates of their deceased loved ones. This is done through the probate process. The process of getting a will settled and executed in probate court can be extremely complicated, as it requires the right type of paperwork and various steps to be carried out correctly. We can help you with every aspect of your estate administration, as well as with trust administration.

If you are looking for additional options for leaving your assets to your children, grandchildren or other loved ones, you might want to consider setting up an irrevocable living trust, which provides a greater level of flexibility to the grantor. We can help with all of these types of estate planning matters, as well as others such as legal documents related to powers of attorney and advance health care directives.

Serving Morgan Hill, CA

Individuals who live in or around Morgan Hill, California can turn to our firm for legal assistance with various types of estate planning needs. Located in the southern portion of the Santa Clara Valley, Morgan Hill has a 2012 estimated population of 39,420, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The city has more than 12,000 households and a homeownership rate of 74.3%. It makes up a total area of more than 12 square miles.

Searching for a qualified attorney to guide you through estate planning or probate in Morgan Hill? Our law firm encourages Morgan Hill residents to contact us for any of their estate planning needs. We provide free case evaluations, giving individuals the opportunity to have their cases reviewed by a knowledgeable attorney at no cost!

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