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Santa Clara Estate Planning Lawyer

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If you do not take the right steps to create a strong estate plan, you could end up harming your love ones. When individuals fail to create wills and other documents that clearly state how they want their estates to be divided and distributed, there are various problems that could arise. Some of these potential problems include family disputes, legal disputes, negative tax repercussions and need for time-consuming handling of the estate through probate court.

At the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry, our Santa Clara estate planning attorney strives to help clients write wills that are well-drafted so as to avoid unnecessary issues in the future. He and his team also help clients take advantage of other estate planning options. There are many different estate plan components that must be explored.

Besides establishing how your assets and property to be divided, a will also provide the opportunity to establish guardianship for any children who are under the age of 18 or other loved ones who will need guardians once you are gone. Do you want to make arrangements that will allow your family members to care for you in the right way if you ever become incapacitated, or unable to make your own decisions?

We can help you create documents that set up powers of attorney and advance health care directives. These documents give your loved ones instructions concerning who should make decisions on your behalf and what your end-of-life medical care should look like. Revocable living trusts are another area in which our firm provides assistance.

About Santa Clara, CA

The city of Santa Clara is located in Santa Clara County, covering 19.3 square miles in the heart of Silicon Valley, according to the Santa Clara city website. The city is about 45 miles south of San Francisco and is situated at the San Francisco Bay's southern tip. About 118,830 people live in Santa Clara, and about 106,750 people work there. Also located in the city are more than 9,400 businesses. Anyone in the Santa Clara area who needs assistance with estate planning should speak with an attorney at the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry.

Assistance Through the Probate Process

When the owner of an estate passes away, that person's will and estate must be validated and settled through probate court. This can be a very complicated process, especially if there are any issues with how the will was drawn up. At the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry, we provide legal support for individuals who are going through the probate process and who need help with estate administration.

We help individuals ensure that the paperwork is being handled properly and that all the correct steps are being followed for distributing the estate. Furthermore, our law firm can help those who need legal guidance in the trust administration process. Contact us to learn more about our legal services and our free case evaluations!

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