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Estate Planning Attorney in San Jose

The Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry is an estate planning law firm that serves individuals in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, particularly in and around Santa Clara County. Individuals can turn to our estate planning attorney for assistance with creating comprehensive estate plans that are personalized to meet their individual needs.

Whether you need help writing a will that will best protect the inheritance of your loved ones or you need assistance with estate administration after a loved one has passed away, our team can provide you with high-quality legal support. While the Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry is located in San Jose, California, and we serve many other communities in the local region. A few of those communities include the following:

We know that our clients may have a broad spectrum of needs in the area of estate planning. For that reason, we are prepared to help clients take advantage of various types of estate planning solutions. Individuals might choose revocable living trusts as a means of transferring assets to their heirs.

We can help clients establish guardianships for minor children and other dependents through their wills, and set up powers of attorney and advance health care directives so that they are prepared if they ever become unable to make their own decisions.

For people who are trying to settle estates through the probate process, we can help ensure that the complex paperwork is filled out correctly and that the right procedures are being followed. These are just a few of the many ways we are able to help our clients.

About Santa Clara County & the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is a region in Northern California that includes the San Francisco and Oakland metropolitan area. The San Francisco Bay Area had a population of more than 7.1 million residents, according to the Bay Area Census. Santa Clara County, which is located in the southern end of the Bay Area, is one of the nine counties that make up the region. As of 2012 population estimates, more than 1.8 million residents live in Santa Clara County.

Looking for an attorney for estate planning or probate in San Jose? If you live in Santa Clara County or another part of the San Francisco Bay Area, we encourage you to call our office to find out if we can assist you. We offer free case evaluations, which means that you can receive initial advice about your estate planning options at no charge.

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