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  • Probate Avoidance in San Jose
    Probate Avoidance in San Jose

    Dealing with the emotional loss of a loved one can be very difficult for the family members, and not long after death and funeral, the loved ones left behind will have to turn their attention towards ...

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  • Why a Power of Attorney?
    Why a Power of Attorney?

    A Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows you to appoint another person to represent you. When you create a Power of Attorney, you are the principal and the person that you are appointing ...

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  • What it Means to
    What it Means to "Breach Fiduciary Duty"

    Fiduciary comes from Latin fiducia , meaning "trust." A fiduciary duty is defined as a legal duty to act in another party's best interests. The parties that owe this duty are called fiduciaries and ...

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  • Contingency Planning - A Lesson from Fantasy Football
    Contingency Planning - A Lesson from Fantasy Football

    During a recent meeting with a client, I was forced to ask some difficult questions. Clearly uncomfortable, my client said, "Tim, that's not going to happen. I don't even want to think about it." ...

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  • "I Didn't Know it was Possible to Come Out of a Coma."

    I will boldly proclaim that Seinfeld is the greatest TV show of all time. Commonly referred to as the "show about nothing," Jerry Seinfeld and the cast produced episode upon episode of comedic ...

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  • When Trusts Require Litigation
    When Trusts Require Litigation

    Trusts have been an integral part of the estate planning process for a long time, especially due to the fact that they perform certain functions that wills simply cannot. The majority of individuals ...

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