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If you are currently working through estate planning procedures, or if you are working through a probate procedure and want a professional on your side, then you need to contact an attorney today for more information. At the Timothy D. Henry Law Offices, our team is able to handle your estate planning and probate cases and will work to stand beside you through these difficult processes.

If you are currently going through probate, then you need time to grieve and work through your loss. You don't want to have to deal with all the paperwork, court appointments, and negotiations that are involved in the probate process. At Timothy D, Henry, we will take care of all of those details for you so that you can work through the personal loss that you feel.

Attorney Timothy D. Henry is a lawyer with a passion for estate planning. He has a wife and a child of his own, and says that he first contemplated estate planning when he realized that he needed a plan for what would happen to his children if he passed away. After playing basketball in Europe, Attorney Henry came back to the United States and attended Santa Clara University to learn more about the legal sphere.

Attorney Henry then developed a passion for probate and estate planning law. He uses his personal experience as a son, father, husband, and sibling to help guide him as he aids others in making the best decisions for his family. He has been accepted by the State Bar of California and the Santa Clara County Bar Association. He is also a member of the Wealth Council.

Attorney Henry can help individuals that are working through estate planning or probate decisions in both English and Spanish. He studied Spanish as a missionary in Argentina for two years, and this has expanded his practice so that he can work with those who only speak this language.

Whether you need to create an advanced healthcare directive, a revocable living trust, or need to create a will Attorney Henry and his team at the firm can help. They can also guide you through the trust administration process, or help you work through estate administration. If you need to work through guardianship procedures, or want to learn the components of an estate plan then you can contact the firm today as well.

Attorney Henry always starts his client-attorney relationship out with a free case evaluation. This is so that you can discuss your concerns with him without wasting your money if you learn that he cannot help you or that you may not want an attorney to help you work on your case. This confidential consultation can help you to learn more about Attorney Henry and see what he can do for you.

He understands that estate planning can be involved and complicated. Fill out the free case evaluation on the firm website if you want to get more information about your case and how Attorney Henry is equipped to assist you. You can also call the firm today to set up a complimentary in-person consultation. At this office appointment you will be able to meet Attorney Henry and talk about your situation face to face. He is easily reachable at (408) 643-0942. His office is located at 2105 South Bascom Avenue #255 San Jose, CA 95008.

If you want more reason to hire this attorney, just check out his testimonials page. Attorney Henry as described as professional, compassionate, accessible, and impressive. Clients marvel at the way that Attorney Henry carefully helps them to work through their cases while still expressing compassion at an individual's loss. If you want to learn more about Attorney Henry you can visit his Google+ page, Facebook profile, or Twitter account. Also, read some of Attorney Henry's reviews on Yelp, Yellow Pages and Lawyer Central. Hire this reliable attorney today for your estate planning and probate needs!