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Why You Should Choose a WealthCounsel Attorney

Attorney Timothy D. Henry is a proud member of the WealthCounsel, an organization that is focused on equipping probate and estate planning attorneys with all the information that they need to do their job well. According to the WealthCounsel website, proper estate planning is the key to a better life. Clients, their families, and even the professionals who are helping with the process all need to be informed in order to make wise decisions that will be a benefit in the future.

At the WealthCounsel, individuals are motivated to equip lawyers so that they can serve their clients with the highest standard of excellence. WealthCounsel executives say that they measure that standard against everything t that they do. WealthCounsel is the only professional practice development company that works hard to deliver a complete system of tools and a set of professional resources to all lawyers who are involved with the counsel.

The WealthCounsel also supports a continuing education for attorneys that are a part of the organization, and is focused on giving all workers more profitable and rewarding practices because of the training and resources that they have received through the WealthCounsel. The organization provides drafting software packages for members. All programs by the counsel are all aimed at helping professionals achieve their goals. The WealthCounsel was established in 1997 and has grown to accommodate thousands of professionals. It is now recognized as a leader in industrial thought.

The counsel equips all members so that they can continue to create a thriving, efficient, and profitable practice that can change client's lives for the better. Only attorneys who truly care about making their service better and better commit to working with the WealthCounsel. Attorney Timothy D. Henry is a member of this organization for that exact reason. His passion for continually learning new things and perfecting his practice is apparent, and can benefit you as your work through a probate procedure or draft your first will. Hire Attorney Henry today by calling (408) 643-0942 today!